Tulips: Marching Into Summer

wells horton red tulips

Tulips. The most domesticated of plants—human-engineered, unable to live in the wild, destined to look all alike and grow submissively where they’re planted in parks or gardens.

Yet look at these tulips—even when they’re all lined up in a row, each is a distinct individual.  Their youth is gone, old age is nigh, yet they’re gamely marching on. They seem to know that spring is winding down, and they’re leading the way into summer.

Thanks to Wells Horton for this wonderful photo. Check out his work on Facebook, or on http://wells-horton.smugmug.com/

About unmowed

I'm a writer and a botanist who loves the weirdly weedy places of the world.
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2 Responses to Tulips: Marching Into Summer

  1. Our tulips are just stalks now…allium is here!!!

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