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Thin-leaved Coneflower: What’s in a Name?

A cold and dreary winter field. In summer it’s a green and golden wildflower meadow. In winter it’s brown stalks. Peeking out from under this abandoned piece of haying equipment (I think it’s a baler?) is a not-very-well-known wildflower. In summer … Continue reading

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Red Orange Yellow Day

It’s the last day of January. The dead of winter. Long ago, I had a terrific boss who insisted that every year the staff celebrate Red Orange Yellow Day. I’m not sure if he made it up, or if there … Continue reading

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Celandine: A Cozy Microhabitat

This little green plant is thriving, as so many weeds do, in the crack between brick and blacktop. Somehow a seed got in there, and found enough soil and moisture to sustain life. The dainty scalloped leaves are a non-native wildflower … Continue reading

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Touch of Spring: Guest Photographer Frank Knight

Thanks to Frank Knight for this stunning photograph. Frank specializes in close-up photographs of flowers. I love this beautiful shot of a delicate cluster of poison ivy flowers. Yes. Poison ivy has flowers. Dainty and delicate, lovely flowers that, yes, … Continue reading

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Avian Weeds

No, it’s not the Parthenon. Or something built by spendthrift emperors in Ancient Rome. This is the State Education Department building in Albany, NY. It’s really a magnificent building. Based on the greatest traditions of Western architecture, only on a huge … Continue reading

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Moss: City Green

I’ve lived within spitting distance of Albany NY for most of my life—and yet it’s a place I never go. Oh, I might go to the outskirts, the mall or the movie theater, but I rarely venture into the city … Continue reading

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Art in Unexpected Places

I was driving along Livingston Avenue in downtown Albany the other day, just minding my own business, and suddenly I had the uneasy feeling that someone was watching me… And I was right… In a deserted, snowy empty lot, this … Continue reading

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