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Big Leaves

Sri Lanka is a tear-drop-shaped island at the tip of India. Not far from the equator. The noon sun is incredibly powerful, as I discovered after failing to completely cover my winter-white skin with sunblock. There’s green everywhere–every inch that … Continue reading

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Thin-leaved Coneflower: What’s in a Name?

A cold and dreary winter field. In summer it’s a green and golden wildflower meadow. In winter it’s brown stalks. Peeking out from under this abandoned piece of haying equipment (I think it’s a baler?) is a not-very-well-known wildflower. In summer … Continue reading

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Red Orange Yellow Day

It’s the last day of January. The dead of winter. Long ago, I had a terrific boss who insisted that every year the staff celebrate Red Orange Yellow Day. I’m not sure if he made it up, or if there … Continue reading

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Celandine: A Cozy Microhabitat

This little green plant is thriving, as so many weeds do, in the crack between brick and blacktop. Somehow a seed got in there, and found enough soil and moisture to sustain life. The dainty scalloped leaves are a non-native wildflower … Continue reading

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Touch of Spring: Guest Photographer Frank Knight

Thanks to Frank Knight for this stunning photograph. Frank specializes in close-up photographs of flowers. I love this beautiful shot of a delicate cluster of poison ivy flowers. Yes. Poison ivy has flowers. Dainty and delicate, lovely flowers that, yes, … Continue reading

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Avian Weeds

No, it’s not the Parthenon. Or something built by spendthrift emperors in Ancient Rome. This is the State Education Department building in Albany, NY. It’s really a magnificent building. Based on the greatest traditions of Western architecture, only on a huge … Continue reading

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Moss: City Green

I’ve lived within spitting distance of Albany NY for most of my life—and yet it’s a place I never go. Oh, I might go to the outskirts, the mall or the movie theater, but I rarely venture into the city … Continue reading

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Art in Unexpected Places

I was driving along Livingston Avenue in downtown Albany the other day, just minding my own business, and suddenly I had the uneasy feeling that someone was watching me… And I was right… In a deserted, snowy empty lot, this … Continue reading

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A New Year

So for my New Year’s resolution, I have vowed to learn more about my favorite subject, and read a botany textbook. Cover to cover. Yes, indeed. I’m going to bone up on mosses and liverworts and the reproductive habits of … Continue reading

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Moss as Metaphor

A nearly manicured office building. Trimmed lawn, weeded garden, paved walkway. Not much chance for weeds to sneak in here. Except for the moss. What, you don’t see any moss? Moss–soft, green, fuzzy. It’s a plant everyone can identify, and … Continue reading

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