Stone on Stone

A few cold spring days at the Highlights Foundation at Boyds Mills, PA, for a writers’ workshop. A wonderful opportunity to learn and write.march 207

Recently the Highlights Foundation added a new building, using part of the foundations of an old barn. The new space is a cozy yet roomy classroom and meeting place on the inside. On the outside it’s a maze of intricate stonework.march 214

The lichened and weathered rocks of the old barn foundation support the newer stones. Enormous chunks of bluestone pave the classroom, the porch, even the bathrooms. march 198The walls are mosaics of rough-hewn stones, each piece with its own beauty.





It must have taken an enormous amount of work and time to balance all those stones on one another.march 205










Writing is like that–word piled on word piled on word. Sometimes it’s harder than hauling rocks.

Just around the corner from the Barn are more stones. Dozens of them lie scattered at random on the ground. I noticed odd scratchings on the tops of the flat stones. stones 010







When I looked closely, I discovered what these stones were for.

It’s a poetry garden. The perfect place to practice building with words.stones 021stones 004stones 007stones 019

About unmowed

I'm a writer and a botanist who loves the weirdly weedy places of the world.
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2 Responses to Stone on Stone

  1. Kristin Fulton says:

    Really great shots, Anita. And you have my poem on there! I love the description of the stonework, etc. You’re inspiring, girl.

    • Gage Evans says:

      I agree! I know what work it takes to put this addictive blog together. I wish I had half of your energy and talent!

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