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Guest Photographer Zach Baldwin

Many thanks to Zach Baldwin for this lovely photograph. The warm reds and browns of an autumn day. The sharp narrow beak on this bird probably isn’t good for eating these big berries–I suppose the bird (a warbler?) was taking … Continue reading

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Common Mullein: The Vertical Garden

The Schoharie Creek, at the bridge in Burtonsville, NY. So mild-mannered now, a calm little rural river minding its own business. But every now and then this quiet stream goes berserk and floods like crazy, toppling trees and destroying houses. They built … Continue reading

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Goldenrod: Fill Up the Feeders

So where’s the seed already? The birds are waiting… (Thanks to Wells Horton for this lovely photo of an impatient customer.) Personally, I don’t do bird feeders. My resident birder does, but not me. I’m just too darn lazy … Continue reading

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Asters: The Options Are Narrowing

Any flowers left around here? I like to have a few flowers in a jar, sitting on my desk or on the kitchen table. Zinnias, clovers, roses, thistles, doesn’t matter what. On afternoon strolls I pick a few blossoms to … Continue reading

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Dandelions: On the Road

The road goes ever on and on.             Down from the door where it began.             Now far ahead the road has gone             And … Continue reading

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Pine Hollow: A Dinosaur at the Arboretum

Okay, maybe you can’t tell from the picture, but this was a cold day. I mean a middle-of-January can’t-feel- your-toes kind of cold. Wind chill probably in the 20s. And this hardy class from the Bethlehem Children’s School in Delmar NY braved … Continue reading

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Wild Strawberry: Creeping Around the Graveyard

Graveyards are so filled with life. They’re perfect places to study the natural world. They’ve got lots of trees. Lots of birds. Not a lot of traffic. And they’re certainly quiet. The grass is usually well-mowed, true, but at least in a country … Continue reading

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